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Sunsweet Prunes: Unique in Nature

May 24, 2019

Propagated since ancient times, prune plums are unique in nature for their for their sweet-tart flavor and functional components, including sorbitol and antioxidants. Always GMO-Free While all prunes are plums, not all plums can be prunes. Sunsweet prunes are derived from a non-GMO stone fruit that originated in France. Cuttings were brought to the California […]

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Advantages of Prunes in Meat and Poultry Products

Using prunes in meat and poultry products can improve the taste and appearance of everything from burgers to sausages. Here’s how: Dried Plum Powder enhances caramelization. It’s best when mixed into ground meat products or when used as a rub in whole-muscle products. Dried Plum Puree draws out flavor and enhances caramelization in ground meat […]

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How to Replace Phosphates with Sunsweet Prunes

One of the most prevalent issues for protein processors is moisture loss. Meat lacking in moisture tastes inferior. Less moisture also means lower yields. For this reason, companies are always looking for moisture binding solutions in meat and poultry. For years, the answer was always phosphates. Phosphates: The Conventional Solution When muscle converts to meat […]

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Prune Juice Concentrate: A Natural Sweetener

May 22, 2019

Prune juice concentrate garnered a mention in this story from Bakingbusiness.com on how food companies use natural sweeteners to drive down total sugar quantities. “Prune juice concentrate can replace brown sugar or molasses without adding to total sugar because some of the sweetness in prune juice concentrate comes from sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, which the […]

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Nigella Lawson’s Bacon-Wrapped Prunes for Holiday Entertaining

December 13, 2018

In this article, The Guardian rounds up the 20 best Christmas party entertaining recipes. Soak pitted prunes in Armagnac, wrap them in pancetta, and you have British celebrity food writer Nigella Lawson’s modern answer to the classic devils on horseback appetizer. On a board, spread out a rasher of bacon and cut in half horizontally […]

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Prune recipes from Nigel Slater

December 3, 2018

English food writer and journalist Nigel Slater shares ideas and recipes in The Guardian using prunes in everything from chicken soup to a dessert with spiced poached pears. “Beyond the airtight lid lie notes of licorice and vanilla, lumps of fudgy, intensely sweet dried plums to add to chocolate cakes or to serve with walnuts […]

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UK Chocolatier Creates White Chocolate-Prune Truffles for Easter

March 29, 2018

Paul A. Young, the chocolatier behind Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates in London, developed a truffle using white chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, and prune puree to sell at his shops before Easter. According the Young, the idea behind the creation was inspired by a more traditional custard-and-prune dessert pairing. This could be good timing: Mintel reports […]

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British Study Confirms Eating Prunes Boosts Gut Health

February 2, 2018

When it comes to health and digestion, prunes are known for being a natural solution to constipation. In a new study from London’s Kings College, researchers found that eating 80g of prunes daily boosts overall digestive wellness, a change from the current EU guidelines, which recommends that people eat 100g of prunes to gain the […]

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We Know Fiber is Good for Us. Now We’re Learning Why.

January 4, 2018

It’s long been understood that fiber is good for us–it staves off colds and keeps our heart and digestive system in working order. But while the benefits are understood, it’s never been clear why fiber is so great. New research seeks to answer that question by addressing the role of fiber inside our guts. The term “dietary […]

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New Ingredients Add Heat to Meat

December 30, 2017

Prunes can help make spicy sauces taste even better. The sweetness and tang of prune purees and concentrates rounds out the heat of chiles and other spices. Chefs are turning up the heat on their meat dishes, with good reason: the descriptor “spicy” as it relates to “hot” climbed 8% between the third quarters of 2015 […]

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What’s Next in Clean Label Sweeteners

November 13, 2017

For years, high-fructose corn syrup was the sweetener that food formulators turned to for a variety of reasons: it was inexpensive, and it offered sweetness and sheen to products. But today, the low-cost product competes with a range of sweeteners that carry a healthier image. As consumer needs change and developers scramble to meet those needs—and […]

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Next-Generation Meat and Poultry Products with Prunes

November 10, 2017

There’s no doubt that the comminuted and formed meet sector has been given new life. Meat processors are embracing innovation and exploring opportunities to create flavorful, premium products made with simple, easy-to-understand ingredients. While using puree from prune plums has been shown to increase the flavor and juiciness of sausages, Sunsweet Ingredients has also found […]

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