Sunsweet Ingredients for Plant-Based Proteins

December 27, 2019

Plant-based “meats” are made by layering plant-based fats, binders, fruit- and vegetable-based colors and flavors together to yield flavorful protein that can be turned into burgers, meatballs, nuggets, and even seafood. According to some sources, 30% of the meat market today will change over to plant-based foods. Yet crafting products that taste great without meat […]

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Prunes and Satiety

December 19, 2019

Dried fruits are often ruled out of diets because people worry that they are too high in sugar. Yet studies have shown that eating prunes may help with weight loss. In fact, consuming dried fruits in general may help with weight management: one study found that one ounce of dried fruits a day was associated […]

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Prunes and Cardiovascular Health

December 18, 2019

Prunes support heart health in two ways: protecting arteries and reducing damage from oxidative stress, even in diets that are not considered healthy. While fiber is commonly associated with lower cholesterol—and countless studies have looked at how high-fiber foods, such as oat bran, lower blood-cholesterol levels—there’s more to the story, specifically when it comes to […]

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Prune Flavor Pairings

December 16, 2019

There are classic flavor pairings with prunes, such as cheeses and charcuterie plates for appetizers to chocolate for desserts, but there’s a great deal more to explore. Our ingredients also provide new ways to pair prunes with a range of flavors. Some of our ingredients are tangy and others sweet and mellow. Using our concentrates, purees, […]

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How to Cook with Prunes

December 13, 2019

It’s no secret that prunes pair well with savory braises, spices, and chocolate. Chefs braise dried plums with duck, serve spiced prunes with pâtés and terrines, and them to lamb tagine for sweetness. Prunes are also classic pairings with brandy and are excellent dipped in chocolate.  Our ingredients allow you to leverage the richness of prunes […]

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Getting Started: Using Sunsweet Ingredients in Baking

December 11, 2019

Rich in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants, prunes have long been associated with health and wellness. When used as an ingredient in baking, prunes can also sweeten with less sugar, reduce fat and calories, replace artificial caramel coloring, and retain moisture. To make it even easier to use prunes in baking all Sunsweet Ingredients—from powder and […]

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Getting Started: Using Sunsweet Ingredients in Meat and Poultry Product Development

December 6, 2019

Derived from prune plums and packed with sorbitol, antioxidants, and malic acid, Sunsweet Ingredients not only aid in moisture retention but also promote browning and enhance the flavor and texture of meat and poultry.  An Alternative to Phosphates In studies, Sunsweet Ingredients have been proven to work in place of phosphates and other alternatives to […]

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Adding Moisture to Meat

November 19, 2019

Enhanced meat and poultry products are fresh, whole-muscle cuts injected with a solution of water and other ingredients, namely salt and phosphates. The purpose of injecting the meat is to lock in moisture and improve taste and texture, and salt and phosphates have long been proven to work. Yet today there are clean-label solutions for […]

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Prunes and Bone Health

May 30, 2019

Beyond digestive health, one of the most compelling reasons to eat prunes is to increase bone density and stave off bone loss. How Bone Loss Happens Our bones are in a constant stage formation and breakdown called remodeling. This goes on throughout our lives, even after we’re stopped growing. Each remodeling begins with bone reabsorption, […]

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Prunes and Digestive Health

When it comes to health and digestion, prunes are known as a natural solution to constipation. While their laxative quality is not the only reason to eat prunes, it is one of the most important: About 14% of the global population suffers from chronic constipation. (source) What the Science Says Scientists do not completely understood […]

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Suppressing Warmed-Over Flavor

May 25, 2019

Lipid oxidation is a big concern for meat and poultry processors. When the fat in meat oxidizes, it creates “warmed-over flavor,” imparting an unappetizing wet-cardboard taste on meat or poultry. Exposure to air and light are the main causes of lipid oxidation, but iron and salt can trigger it as well. While lipid oxidation can […]

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Sunsweet Prunes: Unique in Nature

May 24, 2019

Propagated since ancient times, prune plums have been cherished for centuries for their sweet-tart flavor and functional properties. Always GMO-Free While all prunes are plums, not all plums can be prunes. Sunsweet prunes are the d’Agen variety, a non-GMO stone fruit that originated in France. Cuttings were brought to the California Bay Area by Louis […]

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