Boosting Bar Flavors and Textures with Fruits and Nuts

Looking for homemade, healthy snack bars that taste delicious? Try these fantastic, no-bake energy bars that can be made anytime and have wholesome, tasty snacks for hiking, biking, after work-outs or just for lunch boxes or afternoon snacks.
Prune juice concentrate or puree works as a binding agent to hold ingredients together.

According to an article by Jeff Gelski in Food Business News, annual bar sales for the fiscal year ending in July declined .4%, according to Chicago-based market research firm Information Resources. Yet nuts, fruit and protein could help reinvigorate the category when leveraged for their multifunctional attributes, from flavor boosting to texture improvement.

“Prunes match well with common bar varieties such as apple cinnamon, chocolate and cherry, oatmeal raisin, and almond and coconut. Since prunes are hygroscopic, they work well in binding and holding onto moisture,” Gelski writes. Read the full story here.