What’s Next in Clean Label Sweeteners

For years, high-fructose corn syrup was the sweetener that food formulators turned to for a variety of reasons: it was inexpensive, and it offered sweetness and sheen to products. But today, the low-cost product competes with a range of sweeteners that carry a healthier image.

As consumer needs change and developers scramble to meet those needs—and manufacturers look to control costs—manufacturers are racing to come up with sweet, clean and functional sweeteners to replace this old powerhouse.  Several replacements from the plant world are looking to fill the void. Fruit-based sweeteners, for example, contain plant phytonutrients that help with shelf life as well as contributing sweetness. And if a manufacturer uses pastes and purees (in place of concentrates), the new FDA labeling laws may not require that these ingredients be listed as added sugars. Read the story from snackandbakery.com.



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