Prune Juice Concentrate: A Natural Sweetener for Baking

prune juice concentrate from Sunsweet Ingredients
prune juice concentrate from Sunsweet Ingredients

This past May, published a story about how food companies can use natural sweeteners to not only add sweetness but also drive down total sugar quantities. One of the examples provided was prune juice concentrate:

“Prune juice concentrate can replace brown sugar or molasses without adding to total sugar because some of the sweetness in prune juice concentrate comes from sorbitol, a sugar alcohol, which the body processes differently,” writes Nico Roesler.

Indeed, Sunsweet prune juice concentrate is sweet, but not all of its sweetness comes from sugar. Let’s break down the sugars in 100 grams of concentrate:

  • 21.28 g glucose
  • 14.38 g fructose
  • 16.2 g sorbitol
  • 14.38 g fructose

The low levels of sucrose can help keep labels free from added sugars. Meanwhile, the sorbitol also helps hold onto moisture, which helps ease issues involving dried-out low-sugar baked goods. (Both sugar and sorbitol are hygroscopic.)

With the consistency and color of molasses but with a mellower sweetness, prune juice concentrate works in a number of baking recipes to boost sweetness and moisture with lower amounts of sugar and fat.

Try these examples: