Sunsweet - About Sunsweet Ingredients - The Amazing Plum

About Sunsweet® Ingredients

Sunsweet represents over 300 farmer members and is the world’s largest dried fruit handler and Sunsweet is an agricultural cooperative. That means the growers own the company. The Sunsweet expertise is constantly brought to bear to optimize every facet of production, improving quality at each and every step towards providing an excellent product. 

The Amazing Plum™ by Sunsweet offers attributes not found in any other food product. Welcome to a world that knows no boundaries—all natural and all delicious. As the leader in dried fruits, Sunsweet offers a variety of forms for a vast array of products that make this little fruit a superstar among the dried fruit world. The key changes involve replacing phosphates, adding moisture and enhancing natural flavor in meats. Adding delicious taste, more texture and fiber, and reducing fat in baked goods, and that’s just the beginning of what Sunsweet is doing to improve the food we eat. From sauces to energy bars, dairy to confections, plums offer a nutritious alternative to… well, anything. The Amazing Plum™ is quite possibly the most amazing nutritional alternative that has quietly made its presence known, leaving a powerful nutritional footprint.

Staying close to our customers is important. That’s why Sunsweet products can be purchased at most grocery, drug, and club store retailers throughout the world, or at the Sunsweet Gift Shop. Leave it to Sunsweet to offer an ingredient with amazing possibilities for your next creation.