Prune Powder/Fiber

Sunsweet prunes fiber powder is from whole dried plum solids dried to a very low moisture (max 3.5%) and mixed with an anti-caking agent. This powder contains an exceptional blend of soluble and insoluble fiber (9%) combined with sorbitol (25%), which makes the powder highly hydroscopic with high moisture retention properties.

Prune powder can serve as a highly effective moisture binder in meat and poultry products and is in increasing demand by the nutraceutical industry. Prunes have a high antioxidant capacity that is captured in the freeze dried powders. Whole prune powder is an excellent source of high pectin fiber. It also stimulates the peristalsis and the elimination of waste. Prune powder also rich in natural benzoic and quinic acids.

The fresh version (plums) and the dried version (prunes) of the plant scientifically known as Prunus domestica have been the subject of repeated health research for their high content of unique phytonutrients called neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid. These substances found in prunes and plums are classified as phenols, and their function as antioxidants has been well documented. These damage-preventing substances are particularly effective in neutralizing a particularly dangerous oxygen radical called superoxide anion radical, and they have also been shown to help prevent oxygen-based damage to fats. Since our cell membranes, brain cells and molecules such as cholesterol are largely composed of fats, preventing free radical damage to fats is very important.

Sunsweet prunes powder fiber is made from the dehydrated pulp from prunes used in making prune juice, milled and then screened. Loaded with insoluble fiber (64g per 100g of product), prune fiber replaces or reduces several commonly used meat ingredients, e.g., phosphates. Used in combination with Prune Powder, these ingredients enhance moisture absorption as well as reduce dried plum ingredient cost.

Staying close to our customers is important. That’s why Sunsweet prunes fiber powder can be purchased at most grocery, drug, and club store retailers throughout the world, or at the Sunsweet Gift Shop.