Hiding Fruits and Vegetables in Baked Goods

scones are naturally sweet with prunes

Sometimes the best way to get people to eat fruits and vegetables is to hide them in plain sight–in baked goods. The International Food Information Council Foundation’s 2016 Food and Health Survey found 28% of Americans who responded said they began trying to eat more fruits and vegetables in the past year and 53% said they had been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables for more than a year. The reasons to do so are simple: fruits and vegetables come packed with fiber, antioxidants, and a host of nutrients.

Sunsweet Growers offers prune ingredients containing 3 grams of fiber per 40-gram serving. However, “we don’t promote the use of prune products in bakery as a way of adding fiber but rather as a means of improving taste, providing moisture retention, lowering fats and, in some cases, imparting a digestive health halo,” says Tom Leahy, spokesperson for the Yuba City, Calif.-based company. Read the story from Food Business News.