Fruit Concentrates Leverage Fruit’s Goodness

Farmer holding fresh, just-picked Sunsweet prune plums that can be used to make flavorful prune concentrates
Farmer holding fresh prune plums

Fruit concentrates make it easier to use fruit in food and beverage applications, writes Jeff Gelski of Food Business News.

“Yet when adding fruit ingredients to items like beverages and baked foods, it is important to not lose nutrients in the process,” Gelski writes.

Fortunately, when it comes to Sunsweet’s fruit concentrates, we retain the attributes of the d’Agen prune plum. From Prune Juice Concentrate to Fresh Plum Concentrate (which is made from prune plums that are juiced right after they are harvested and before they are dried), our concentrates are filled with antioxidants and other desirable characteristics.

Read the article for more on how to use Sunsweet prune-based ingredients in beverages, baking, and meat and poultry products. For ideas on how to use fruit concentrates in baking, try out recipes such as Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Cookies, Mocha Chocolate Breakfast Cookies, and gluten-free Dried Fruit and Nut Coins.

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