Nigella Lawson’s Bacon-Wrapped Prunes for Holiday Entertaining

Sunsweet prunes make for a great holiday appetizer, as evidenced by Nigella Lawson's drunken devils on horseback recipe

In this article, The Guardian rounds up the 20 best Christmas party entertaining recipes.

Soak pitted prunes in Armagnac, wrap them in pancetta, and you have British celebrity food writer Nigella Lawson’s modern answer to the classic devils on horseback appetizer.

On a board, spread out a rasher of bacon and cut in half horizontally to give 2 shorter pieces, or use a whole pancetta slice. Then take a soaked prune from your bowl and roll it up in one of the half pieces of bacon, or a pancetta slice, securing it with a cocktail stick. Repeat this process with the remaining prunes, wrapping each in bacon, and place them on a lined baking sheet.

The Guardian

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