Fresh Plum Concentrate

Fresh Plum Concentrate — 70 brix

Sunsweet plum concentrate is made from fresh D’Agen type variety plums. Production takes place immediately after the fruit is harvested. Packaged in 55-gallon drums the finished product is stored frozen.

Fresh PPJC (prune plum juice concentrate) has an attractive red color and a sweet light taste that makes it suitable for applications where color can be an issue. With naturally high levels of sorbitol and soluble fiber, it may be ideal for juice blends, syrups, sauces, snack foods and energy bars.

Of particular interest, fresh PPJC has demonstrated impressive qualities in terms of enhanced moisture retention in prepared poultry and meats, significantly reducing or even eliminating requirements for phosphates in many products.

The malic acid content of PPJC may act as a flavor enhancer thereby allowing for substantial reduction in salts and spices. Incorporation of PPJC into whole muscle meats has been shown to transform tough cuts of meat into highly profitable new menu opportunities.

Sunsweet’s Plum Products, while always fresh, contain multiple functional ingredients that offer:

  • superior thickening power
  • moisture retention in baked goods and meat products
  • nutritional benefits
  • flavor preservative
  • pathogen fighting power

All of these benefits from a single product, Sunsweet Plum Concentrate.

Staying close to our customers is important. That’s why Sunsweet Plum Concentrate products can be purchased at most grocery, drug, and club store retailers throughout the world, or at the Sunsweet Gift Shop.