Clean Label Becomes Food Industry Standard

Over 20% of US products tracked in 2014 featured a clean label positioning, up from 17% in 2013, according to Innova Market Insights data. Significant rises in the use of clean label ingredients have also been tracked, with growing interest in natural sweeteners, such as stevia and monk fruit, natural colors such as those based on spirulina, elderberry and beetroot, and thickeners such as tragacanth and gellan gums.

Publication: Prepared Foods

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Clabber Girl: PHOS-Free Baking Powder

Clabber Girl’s new PHOS-Free Baking Powder offers commercial bakers and food manufacturers phosphate- and aluminum-free leavening

Publication: Prepared Foods

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Ingredients to the rescue

It’s such an attractive thing to be able to say that you’re a superfruit or superfood,” said Kate Leahy, spokesperson for Sunsweet Ingredients, Yuba City, CA. “Typically that means the product is not only flavorful but also carries with it a lot of healthful benefits. It gives you more than just great flavor or texture. It also offers you healthy benefits.

Publication: Baking & Snack

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Clean Label: Everyone’s Doing It

The biggest names in food are committing to clean label these days.

In February, Nestlé USA announced that it will banish artificial colors and flavors from its chocolate candies and Nesquik powdered drink mixes. Hershey soon thereafter said it aims to reformulate all its candies to contain “ingredients that are simple and easy to understand.”

Publication: Nutritional Outlook

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The Clean Label Conundrum

The movement is rather obvious. Seemingly everyone is on board with being better: better-for-you foods, better-for-the-environment foods, better ingredients leading to better health.

Publication: Food Business News

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Sauces and Dressings Retooled for Cleaner Labels

Innovative flavors drive category growth for condiments, pasta sauce and cooking sauces, but reformulating for a cleaner ingredient deck is also the order of the day.

Publication: Food Processing

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3 Ways a Cleaner Label Drives Packaging Changes

Want to know what the clean label fuss is all about, why it’s on-trend and what it means for packaging and graphics design? You can in this short debriefing from a food scientist and principal with The Clean Label Conferences.

Publication: Packaging Digest

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Including a bit of healthful appeal

Once upon a time there was the granola bar, hard and crunchy, made mainly of oats, raisins and sometimes nuts. College kid fare, you ate it while backpacking, or sometimes for lunch when you smashed it up (yourself) and stirred it into yogurt. It came in one or two flavors, nothing fancy, just our definition—at the time—of a no-frills, wholesome snack. No one over the age of 30 bought granola bars, and no one over the age of 50 even knew what they were.

Publication: Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

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Unbridled Innovation- Bar None

The snack and granola bars category continues to perform well, with IRI, Chicago, reporting that sales hit $5.6 billion for the 52 weeks ending March 22, 2015, up 3.47 percent in dollar sales—and that figure saw a nice boost from the nutritional and intrinsic value bars segment, which saw dollar sales growth of 9.41 percent for the period.

Publication: Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery

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Nutrition Research Supports The Benefits Of Dried Plums

BOSTON, March 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — New research presented at the 2015 Experimental Biology meeting expands on the current body of evidence suggesting that eating dried plums may offer benefits ranging from supporting bone health in post-menopausal women to helping to reduce inflammation in smokers.

Publication: PR Newswire

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