One Tiny Little Plum
One Big Solution

Key Functions & Benefits Included

  • Replaces Phosphates
  • Natural Ingredient – Cleaner Label
  • Moisture Binder
  • Extends Protein Shelf Life
  • Enhances Protein Flavor/Texture
  • Replaces/Reduces Added Sodium/Sugar
  • Antimicrobial
  • Retards Lipid Oxidation & Substitutes for BHA/BHT
  • Enhances the Value of Under-utilized Protein Cuts
  • Pure Fruit Inclusion

Protein Solutions

Ingredients from The Amazing Plum™ by Sunsweet® offer innovative, healthy protein solutions, acting as a natural alternative to preservatives and highly processed ingredients. Our delicious dried plums not only enhance the natural flavor, shelf life and texture of protein, they’re an all-natural replacement for phosphates.

Plum extract and Plum fiber are excellent ingredients for use in chicken, turkey, lamb, beef or pork marinades. Prune Powder is a perfect addition to dry season blends and meat rubs for red meat and poultry. All three products preserve the meat’s natural moisture content, extend meat product shelf life, and act as an all natural replacement for sugar, corn syrup, salt, phosphates, caramel colors and preservatives.

Prunes’ ability to deter oxygen-related damage to our cells is also related to their beta-carotene content. Prunes emerged from our food ranking system as a good source of vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene). Beta-carotene acts as a fat-soluble antioxidant, eliminating free radicals that would otherwise cause a lot of damage to our cells and cell membranes. Only after cholesterol has been oxidized by free radicals does it pose a threat to artery walls. Free radicals can also damage cellular DNA, causing mutations which, if serious enough, can result in the formation of cancerous cells. In addition, by causing damage, free radicals contribute to inflammation, which is one way the body clears out cells or other substances that have been damaged. In this way, free radicals increase the severity of a number of different conditions. This is why beta-carotene, which shuts down free radicals, has been shown in studies to be helpful for the prevention of a variety of diseases, including atherosclerosis, diabetic heart disease, and colon cancer, and why it has also been found useful for reducing the severity of inflammatory conditions like asthma, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

In addition, Amazing Plums contain soluble fibers that help to lower cholesterol by binding to bile acids and removing them from the body. Bile acids are compounds used to digest fat that are manufactured by the liver from cholesterol. When they are excreted along with prunes’ fiber, the liver must manufacture new bile acids and uses up more cholesterol, thus lowering the amount of cholesterol in circulation. Soluble fiber may also reduce the amount of cholesterol manufactured by the liver.

If that isn’t enough, ingredients from The Amazing Plum add moisture and help protein retain it’s natural color, making dried plums one little superstar of an ingredient. And all-natural and all delicious means you’ll have a better product, a cleaner label and a happier customer. Learn how you can replace phosphates.