Baked Goods Rejoice!

Key Functions & Benefits Included

  • Pure Fruit Inclusion
  • Sugar Replacement
  • Fat Replacement
  • Water Binding
  • Humectant
  • Fiber Enhancement
  • Agglomerant
  • Colorant and Caramel Color Replacement
  • Flavor Enhancement

Baking Innovations

Introducing an innovative ingredient that is taking the world by storm—dried plums by Sunsweet®. Our delicious, all natural dried plums not only add taste and texture to baked goods, they reduce fat content and add fiber, making them ideal for healthier baking. They provide moisture retention that works wonders on hearty grains and other dry foods. They’re cost effective. And they’re easily incorporated into a wide variety of bakery applications, from breads, sweet goods, and cereals, to cereal bars, confections, snacks—and so much more. Perhaps that’s why Sunsweet dried plums are fast becoming the inspiration for countless new and interesting culinary applications in some of the world’s top bakeries. Ingredients from The Amazing Plum by Sunsweet. It just doesn’t get any sweeter than this.