Culinary Applications- Sunsweet Prunes - Sunsweet Ingredients

Culinary Applications

Sunsweet Ingredients can improve product quality for food companies in virtually every category. Discerning industry leaders use our ingredients to help them create many of the world’s most successful and beloved food products.

Bakeries – We can provide a complete toolkit for healthier baking. Our superb new ingredients offer more health benefits than any other common fruit.

Dairies – Prune yogurt is one of the most popular of all yogurt flavors worldwide. Sunsweet prunes with cheese and ice cream is an Old World favorite desert snack.

Poultry and Meat Processors – Sunsweet Ingredients can improve the taste of your products and contribute to all-natural labeling by providing moisture-binding benefits similar to phosphates.

Multi-Unit Food Service Operators – You can increase profitability by using plum products to tenderize and hold moisture in low-priced protein cuts.

Chocolate Producers – Dark chocolate and prunes blend naturally to create a delicious flavor combination. Our ingredients can help elevate your products from an indulgence to a healthy snack.

These are only a few examples of the ways Sunsweet Ingredients improve food production throughout the industry.