Boosting Health Profiles of Snacks and Baked Goods with Fruit Ingredients

To meet consumer demand for healthier foods, snack makers and bakeries are looking to incorporate more fruit ingredients into their products, from concentrated juices to powders and dried fruit. Each fruit delivers different benefits, according to an article in British magazine Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery.

Quoted in the story is Chef Peter Sidwell, founder of Simply Good Food TV and ambassador for the California Dried Plum Board. He believes that there are numerous opportunities to improve bakery and snack foods using California prunes. The natural sweetness of California prunes means that ingredients such as flour, sugar and butter can be reduced to create a healthier snack option. California prunes also add preserving qualities that contribute to a longer shelf life for baked goods and snacks.

“There is so much you can do with California prunes, whether chopped, in powder form, or with the whole fruit,” he says. Read the full story here. Get the recipe for butter-free chocolate chip cookies here.


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